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FOREVERMORE 'Single' 2014


Release date: 29.04.2014 (Catalogue #MOS0020)

2nd Single release off Ike Moriz's 14th album: AT LAST (CD) 2014: 'Forevermore', a classic blues/rock song composed by Ike Moriz. 

The 2 additional songs "Basin Street Blues - piano version" (Spencer Williams) and "Ain't No Sunshine - smooth mix" (Bill Withers) are cover versions/arrangements of these classic tracks. 

'Basin Street Blues' is a song often performed by Dixieland jazz bands. It was published in 1926 and made famous in a recording by Louis Armstrong in 1928 (Wikipedia). Ike's version however is a very emotive and more ballad-like 'piano and vocals only' version, allowing both the pianist and Ike to show off their individual instrument. 

"Ain't No Sunshine" from Bill Withers' 1971 album 'Just As I Am', originally produced by Booker T. Jones, was released as a single in September 1971, becoming a breakthrough hit for Withers, reaching number six on the U.S. R&B chart and number three on the Billboard Hot Hundred Chart (Wikipedia). Ike Moriz adapted this song to his own smooth, laid back jazzy reggae style by changing for instance the famous "I know-I know-I know…" part. Listen and see (or rather hear) for yourself! 

Track list:
• 1 Forevermore (Moriz)
• 2 Basin Street Blues* (Spencer Williams)
• 3 Ain't No Sunshine* (Bill Withers)

©(p)2014 Eike Moriz. Mosquito Records London;
Track 1 written & produced by Ike (Eike) Moriz, *track 2 by Spencer Williams (Morris Edwin H & CO Inc), *track 3 by Bill Withers (Universal/MCA Music).

Design work: (Lars Pestrup) & Ike Moriz 2014

Cover photograph: A Photographic Affair, Cape Town ©(p)Eike Moriz 2013

Ike Moriz: Vocals, backing vocals, additonal piano & keyboards, production, arrangements, additional bass & acoustic guitar
Willem Moller: Lead guitar
Willie van Zyl: Saxophones, clarinet
Gregory John Schoeman: Additional guitar, acoustic guitar
Simon Orange: Piano, hammond
A. McPike: Keyboards on songs marked with *
Roger Bashew: Bass
Paul Tizzard: Drums

Distribution: Jassics in SA
Publishing: Ike Moriz (Mosquito Records London)
Sub – Publishing: Sheer Publishing in SA

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Recorded & mastered at PARIS Recording Studios PARIS Recording Studios
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